Quinnipiac Poll: NJ's U.S. Senate Race Getting Tighter

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. September 24, 2013

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Just three weeks until the special election for a U-S Senate seat from New Jersey, the latest Quinnipiac University poll shows the race is getting tighter.

The survey of likely voters has Democrat Cory Booker with a 12-point lead over Republican Steve Lonegan.

Poll director Maurice Carroll says that’s not the blowout earlier polls of registered voters had indicated.

“Maybe that show horse versus work horse charge from Lonegan is having an impact. Maybe it’s the crime news out of Newark. Maybe it’s those stories about Booker’s business ventures that were not certainly positive for him.”

Booker gets higher marks than Lonegan from likely voters as being trustworthy, having the best experience, and understanding their problems.

Carroll says the Senate election is often depicted as a race between a true liberal and a true conservative.

“Lonegan is too conservative according to 33 percent of New Jersey voters. Quinnipiac finds that 35 percent of New Jersey voters say that Booker is too liberal, but of course that is a function to an extent in each case of people who are going to vote against him.”


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