Princeton Takes Creative Measures to Prevent Spread of Meningitis

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
September 20, 2013

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Princeton University has come up with a creative way to keep students healthy after a recent outbreak of meningitis.

The school is handing out 5000 personalized cups in an attempt to prevent another outbreak on campus. The bright red cups bear the message, “Mine. Not Yours.” Health Educator Kathy Wagner says it’s an amusing reminder to students to keep their drinks to themselves.

“One of the ways to prevent the spread of meningitis is not to share cups. I thought it would be great if we could provide students with cups that also included a message reminding them not share their cups with anyone else and not to drink out of anybody else’s cup.”

The cups also include markings for the standard drink amounts for liquor, wine and beer. Wagner says social drinking can increase the spread of the disease.

Five cases of type B meningitis were reported at Princeton this spring. All five patients have since recovered.


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