Poll: NJ Voters Support Gay Marriage

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. October 10, 2013

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The latest Quinnipiac University poll finds voter support for gay marriage in New Jersey.

Poll director Maurice Carroll says likely voters want Governor Christie to drop his appeal of a state judge’s ruling that same-sex couples have the right to marry in the Garden State.

 “They say no. No you shouldn’t appeal it. 61-to-32 don’t appeal they tell Quinnipiac, and they also think the legislature should override the governor’s veto and just get it over with.”

The state is seeking a delay of the judge’s order allowing gay marriage ceremonies to begin on October 21st.

No vote is scheduled in the legislature for a possible override of the governor’s veto of a bill lawmakers approved last year that would have legalized same-sex marriage.

The poll that was taken before the debate in the gubernatorial race also shows Christie has an almost two-to-one lead over Democratic challenger Barbara Buono.

Carroll say it’s not likely Buono can close the gap.

“These numbers show absolutely no signs of reversal. It’s at two-to-one lead for Christie in the Quinnipiac numbers. I’ll never say never, but I will say 62-to-33 is a pretty darn good lead and that’s what he’s got.”


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