Poll: NJ Voters Not Impressed With Governor Race

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
October 2, 2013

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A new poll finds New Jersey voters are not very impressed with the substance of the campaign in the governor’s race.

Monmouth University Poll director Patrick Murray says likely voters want to hear more about the issues they consider important.

“Just 34 per of voters in this election say that the campaigns have done a good job talking about the issues that are most important to those voters. 42 percent in fact say they’ve done a bad job, and 24 percent say they really haven’t heard enough yet to offer an opinion on whether they’re even talking about the issues.”

Murray says there’s little voter enthusiasm about the outcome of the November 4th vote.

 “16 percent say they’d feel excited if Chris Christie were elected. 13 percent say they’d be scared. For Barbara Buono, just 8 percent say they’d be excited versus 21 percent who’d be scared. Everybody else kind of falls in the middle. So it’s not like many voters feel that either outcome is going to change the direction of the state much.”

The poll shows Christie now has a 19-point lead over Buono, about the same margin he had in August.


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