Poll: New Jerseyans Losing Confidence in the State's Direction

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
September 3, 2013

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A new poll finds New Jerseyans losing confidence in the future of the state.

According to the latest Fairleigh Dickinson PublicMind poll, fewer people in New Jersey say the state is heading in the right direction compared to the findings of a poll from the beginning of the summer. “We found that 57 percent said the state was headed in the right direction, but today that number has dropped to 49 percent," says poll director Krista Jenkins.

And more people are saying the state is actually on the wrong track. But Jenkins says they’re not quick to blame Governor Chris Christie.

“His approval remains unchanged, yet the direction that the state is headed seems to be viewed with a little bit more disfavor today, and yet at the same time we find people believe the Governor has a lot of responsibility for the direction the state is headed.”

Almost two-thirds say that while they don’t approve of the direction the state is going, their quality of life has remained about the same since Christie took office four years ago.


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