Poll: Donor Controversy Hurts Menendez

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
February 21, 2013

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Senator Bob Menendez (photo by Phil Gregory)

A new poll shows that allegations against U-S Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey are having an impact on voters.

Menendez is under investigation for not promptly paying for flights to the Dominican Republican on a private plane owned by a wealthy political donor.

Quinnipiac University poll director Maurice Carroll says the Senator’s approval rating among New Jersey voters is now at its lowest in five years.

 “He was 51-to-33 approval just a month ago. Now after all this stuff 41-to-36 negative. Do the people think he’s honest? No. 44-to-28 don’t think he’s honest and reliable.”

Carroll says the long-term effect on Menendez depends on how long the investigation continues and how the charges are resolved.

“If the investigations stop then the press will get fed up and he will weather it, but you just plain don’t know, and these Quinnipiac numbers are dreadful for the Senator.”


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