Pasquale Case Did Not Meet Amber Alert Criteria

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
October 24, 2012

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Two teenage brothers are accused of killing a 12-year-old Gloucester County girl who disappeared while riding her bicycle. Many residents are wondering why an amber alert was not issued to help find Autumn Pasquale.

State Police say the criteria were not met to activate the Amber Alert system to send the broadcast media an emergency message.

Requirements specify that there must be reason to believe a child under the age of 18 was abducted and in danger of death or serious injury.

There must also be reason to believe an Amber Alert would help locate a child by providing information such as a description of a suspect or a vehicle involved in an  abduction.

It does not apply to all reports of missing children because authorities say there are more than 25 of them in New Jersey each day.

The State Police policy says misuse of the Amber Alert system would lead to a lack of confidence by members of the public whose assistance is being sought to help locate an abducted child.


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