Painful Lessons In Patience Playing Out On Rockaways

By Spencer Raine, WBGO News
November 12, 2012

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President Obama is slated to make a return trip to the area later this week, and may get a first-hand look at the Sandy devastation in New York. 

Supply distribution lines pop up throughout the Rockaways. People are huddling on street corners, at the post office, ballfields, wherever they can assemble in some of the hardest-hit communities of Queens.  Harriet Frayma, with her two young daughters in tow, says she’s grateful to stock up on cereal, diapers and especially blankets as she tries to shield her family from the wrath of Sandy, "There is no light, no heat, no nothing."

Congressman Gregory Meeks is keeping close tabs on the restoration efforts at the Long Island Power Authority which he says has the ability to end phase one of the recovery here.  With so many stores closed, no power, no heat and no access to food, he says it’s become impossible to spend money here, even if you want to. 

Meantime, New York City school officials are making arrangements to transfer students on the Rockaways to classes in other districts with power.  Twenty-six thousand students throughout the five boroughs have been reassigned so far and that list is expected to grow.


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