NYC Takes Lessons from Katrina To Rebuild After Sandy

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
New York City. February 21, 2013

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New York City Hall

Sandy destroyed roughly 100,000 New York City homes. Some City Council members are taking lessons from Katrina as residents rebuild their properties.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn says she wants to make sure that New York City homeowners looking to physically elevate their properties in Sandy’s wake have proper procedures and safeguards in place.

“Elevating a home is not just simply lifting a house off the ground and putting it on stilts. It’s a complex process and proper measures have to be put in place before and during the work to make sure it’s done in the safest way possible.”

Council members like Minority Leader James Oddo recently visited New Orleans and says the rush to rebuild homes without a plan in place led to a home collapse, a construction site death and homeowners getting ripped off.

“We saw homes that were raised that were esthetically beautiful. We saw homes that were not so much, and we saw some real tragedies.”

The bill includes a requirement that elevating a home must be under the supervision of an approved special inspector.


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