NYC Latinos Lay Out Blue Print for the Next Administratrion

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
New York City. September 19, 2013

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Hispanic Federation at New York City Hall

The general election isn’t until November. But a New York City Latino group has already done some research for the next mayor and city council by creating a blueprint on how to better serve their community.

More than two million Latinos live across the five boroughs, and Ana Maria Archila from Make the Road New York says they are a quarter of the workforce.

“But we do not make up for one-fourth of the middle class families. We do not make up one-fourth of the leaders on Wall Street.”

The organization Hispanic Federation put together suggestions on main issues impacting the community from civil rights to immigration. Its President Jose Calderon says each one has a common need.

“Equity, equity across the board.”

He says they want the next administration to restructure how they issue discretionary aid that supports non-profits that filling in gaps in government services like job training and healthcare.


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