NYC After-School And Pre-K Face Deep Cuts

By Bob Hennelly, WBGO News
New York. May 6, 2013

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Unlike last year Mayor Bloomberg's proposed budget does not propose teacher layoffs but there could be a battle with the City Council over $135 million dollar cuts to after school and pre-school programs.  


New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott says unlike last year, Mayor Bloomberg  is not proposing  reducing teacher slots. But Walcott says school principals will still face a major challenge in finding ways to make up for rising costs the city can't control.

"But from an education point of view it will be on the margin and not the kind of discussion that took place last year. School budgets will remain flat but again as the mayor indicated purchasing power may go down a little bit because on increased pension costs."    

City school principals are set to receive their budget allotments from the Department of Education at the beginning of June. The City Council and Mayor Bloomberg have until the end of June to reach a budget deal. The City Council does have the prerogative to restore proposed cuts as part of its  negotiation process with the Bloomberg  Administration.


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