No Major Flooding Expected Along Jersey Shore

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Jersey Shore. February 8, 2013

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Dunes on the beach in Sea Girt, New Jersey (photo by Phil Gregory)

Towns along the Jersey Shore are hoping this latest storm won’t cause serious problems.

Department of Environmental Protection Spokesman Larry Ragonese says the storm is expected to result in some higher tides.

 “The threat of coastal flooding is really not going to be hitting mostly the area that had been battered by Sandy, the barrier islands, that part of New Jersey. Really there will be more of a chance of some localized or low level flooding from Sandy Hook north.”

Coastal communities are taking precautions.

Brick Township Mayor Steve Acropolis says  sand has been added to some weakened portions of dunes on the barrier island.

“We have been working for the last 36 to 48 hours in shoring up our dune system. Right now our dunes are anywhere between 15 to 18 feet high all along the entire Brick Township frontage of the ocean. Obviously the storm surge looking at three to five feet where Sandy was more like 14, but we’ve handled nor’easters in the past. We haven’t really had a bad one since we did have Hurricane Sandy. So it¹s looking a little bit different, but I think we’re well prepared right now.”

Acropolis  is concerned the storm might cause some flooding in back bay areas.

“If there’s any kind of a silver lining a lot of those homes people haven’t been able to move back into them yet. On my street in my neighborhood and some of the other areas people have not moved into those low-lying homes because they haven’t gotten them repaired yet. Those people aren’t back so they really don’t have to go anyplace. They’re already hopefully in a higher place.”

Residents in flood-prone areas are being told to get ready to move to higher ground, and are being allowed to move their cars to some Brick Township ball fields and parks.


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