NJ Statehouse Getting Its Own TV Studio

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. December 26, 2012

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New Jersey Statehouse (photo by Phil Gregory)

The New Jersey Statehouse is getting its own TV studio.

The studio on the second floor of the Statehouse will be used mostly by NJTV public television, but it will also be available to other TV and radio outlets.  

Treasury Department spokesman Andy Pratt says the $200,000 cost to build it is being paid for with money from the sale of the radio stations run by the now-defunct NJN.

 “It’s money that has to be dedicated to public broadcasting. So it’s not additional taxpayer money. On the other hand it is located in a taxpayer maintained and operated facility. There are always some maintenance costs and some utility costs the state will have to pay because of its location.”

NJTV is spending another $225 thousand to equip the studio with cameras, lighting, sets, and a control room.

Pratt says it will be a publicly accessible site at the Welcome Center in the Statehouse.

 “If they’re taping at the time, you’ll be able to watch through a thick piece of glass that’s there, they’ll see the taping going on. It’s designed to have see visitors to see the process of news gathering and commentary going on within the Statehouse.”

The new facility is expected to be ready for use next month.


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