NJ Senate Won't Take Summer Off

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. June 28, 2013

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The New Jersey Senate will not be taking a long summer break.

Even though being a member of the legislature is a part-time job, Senate President Steve Sweeney says it makes no sense to adjourn this summer.

He says the Senate will hold committee meetings and voting sessions in July and August focusing mostly on job creation and some bills rejected by Governor Christie.

“We’ll be looking at bills that we’ve done and other bills that we could do with the administration so we can get something done here.  He’s vetoed several of these jobs bills in the past. I actually think it was done for partisan reasons. They were our ideas and not his, but the economy is still not doing well.”

Sweeney says he’ll also try to find ways to advance more shared services among towns.

He says it’s worthwhile for the Senate to meet even if the Assembly takes the summer off.

“There might be some things that they’ve done that haven’t had action on our side yet that we’ll see what makes sense, and things that we can tee up for them so when they get back they can move on them.”



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