NJ Schools Revamp Calendars to Makeup Missed Days

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
December 5, 2012

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School districts across New Jersey that have missed days and in some cases weeks in the aftermath of the storm are going to have to makeup those days.

The state department of education mandates that all schools hold classes for at least 180 days each year. To make up for Sandy that means most districts will have to revamp their schedules by cutting holidays or adding days.  Valerie Wilson with the Newark Public Schools says they have already begun to makeup the six days they missed.

“We will be taking care of the February 12th holiday that allowed us to makeup another day; we will be coming to school on that day. We have not had to impact either the Christmas break, and so far not the spring break.”

If schools have to close this winter because of snow that will be additional time they will have to makeup.


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