NJ Residents Hoping Power Restored Soon

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Brick Township. November 2, 2012

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Residents seeking supplies line up in the dark at the Home Depot store in Brick

Many New Jersey residents who are still without power are hoping not to spend another night in the dark.
Some supplies are hard to find.

Dozens of people looking for generators and batteries for flashlights lined up before daybreak outside the Home Depot store on Route 70 in Brick Township.

George Rowe hasn’t had electricity in his home since Monday, but is trying to maintain a positive outlook.

“It’s tough but you know I got gas. I got hot water. My wife and I and my daughter are muddling through. We got candles. We got a gas fireplace so that’s keeping some heat in the house. That¹s keeping us warm.”

Rowe considers himself fortunate. He says his home had a little flooding but nothing like the people closer to the bay who lost everything when Hurricane Sandy devastated their neighborhood.

Brick resident Don Macaluso was hoping to buy batteries for his flashlights so he’s prepared in case the power isn’t restored soon.

“Basically I got batteries at home but in case we got to go through the weekend I’m good for another couple of days. How frustrating is it to be without power this long? Well compared to the damage everybody else had I’ll take this, no problem.”


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