NJ Marathoner Says He'll Keep Running

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
April 16, 2013

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More than 500 people from New Jersey participated in the Boston Marathon Monday where two bombs exploded in the crowd at the finish line. Under normal circumstances, it’s an event that embodies endurance and resilience. At least one runner says that’s the message he hopes won’t be lost.  

Hoboken runner Michael Guglielmo finished the race in just under three hours and was a few blocks away at a restaurant when the first blast occurred.

He says crossing the finish line is supposed to be a moment of high endorphins and sheer joy, but for those at the finish line when the explosions occurred, it was absolute terror.

“It was a really great experience for everyone and to have it be marred by this tragic incident, it’s horrible.”

Guglielmo says he’s already thinking about coming back next year. That’s the thing about marathon runners.

“They’re a little bit of toughness and they’re a little bit of crazy," he says. "So many people were going out for charity, not just doing it for time, but doing it for other people and the common good.”

To him, that’s what resilience is all about.


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