NJ Grants for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
New Brunswick. October 23, 2012

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Governor Christie and Health Commissioner Mary O'Dowd announce the grants in New Brunswick (photo by Phil Gregory)

54 community organization and health agencies in New Jersey are getting more than $19 million in state grants for the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS.

Governor Chris Christie and Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd announced the funding at the Hyacinth Aids Foundation in New Brunswick.

Because of medical advances, O’Dowd says AIDS is now a chronic condition instead of a lethal one and more than 36-thousand New Jersey residents are living with HIV.

 “Residents with HIV and AIDS live a much longer healthier life. The Department has  programs to help ensure those residents have access to services that will keep them healthy in a home staying well and helping others for much longer periods of time.”

Governor Christie says while AIDS can be treated, the stigma attached to an HIV diagnosis is still significant.

 “It’s part of what prevents people from getting tested in the first place. It’s part of what makes them kind of hide in the shadows at times feeling as if they shouldn’t be able to speak out and seek care because of the nature of their disease.”

The grant money will be used for HIV testing at 140 sites around the state and to provide counseling and treatment.


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