NJ Expanding 'Skip the Trip' Program

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Lawrenceville . August 14, 2013

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martinez with signs
MVC Chief Ray Martinez announces expansion of the program at Motor Vehicle office in Lawrence (photo by Phil Gregory)

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is making it easier to renew a driver’s license.

60 percent of the 340,000 older drivers invited to renew their license by mail since November have taken the state up on the offer.

MVC Chief Administrator Ray Martinez says the ‘skip the trip’ program is now being extended to drivers of all ages with notices going out to one and a half million New Jersey motorists in the next year.

“Younger people, a lot of them, don’t use the mail. They’ll use electronic means. Do something you haven’t done before. Go find the post office, get a stamp, and mail it in. We’re working on our project, the matrix program, to get more and more of these transactions online but that’s in the future.”

Martinez says the average wait time at MVC offices statewide is about 26 minutes.

 “If 1.5 million customers over the next year take advantage of this we could potentially be saving customers 650,000 hours that belong to them. Hours they could use productively for themselves, their families.”

The photo and signature the state has in its database will be used on the license they’ll be mailed back within 10 days.

Martinez says mail renewals will also mean less time waiting in line for people who have other business at Motor Vehicle offices.

After getting a four year license renewal by mail, drivers will have to go to a MVC office with proper ID to obtain their next renewal.

Drivers with a commercial license or graduated license are not eligible for the program.


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