NJ Congressional Delegation Seeks Sandy Rebuilding Funds

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. November 20, 2012

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Governor Christie meets with New Jersey's Congressional delegation (photo by Tim Larsen/Governor's Office)

While there’s still no estimate of the damage Hurricane Sandy caused in New Jersey, members of the state’s Congressional delegation say they’ll work together to get federal funds for the state to rebuild.

After a 90 minute meeting at the Statehouse with Governor Christie, New Jersey’s federal representatives said they agreed on the priorities to help the state recover from the storm.

Congressman Frank Pallone says they talked about how they’ll get funding to restore dunes and seawalls.

 “The governor reiterated that he’s trying with all our support to reduce the match so that the federal government will pay over 90 percent of the cost because a lot of the towns can’t afford the local match.”

Pallone says individual homeowners should not be allowed to prevent a dune project in their town.

 “One thing that was absolutely clear in this storm was where you had beach replenishment, where you had dunes, where you had seawalls, that’s where the damage was the least, and when those were not there or when they were breached, that’s when we had the problem.”

Pallone also wants to make sure there is more temporary long-term housing for people displaced by the storm.

 “Many of my towns have asked now for trailers to set up trailers on properties that we impacted. The governor said he’s working with FEMA, and we’re going to get the trailers when we need them.”

The Jersey delegation wants federal and state funds to be provided to help people rebuild their homes. Pallone also hopes there will be money for buyouts for those who don’t want to rebuild in flood-prone areas.


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