NJ Charges Eight Businesses With Price Gouging

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
Newark. November 9, 2012

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Seven gas stations and one hotel in NJ were charged with price gouging during Sandy. Katie Colaneri/WBGO News

Seven gas stations and one hotel in North Jersey have been charged with price gouging during the state of emergency.

The worst culprit was a gas station in Paterson accused of raising the price of regular fuel by more than 2 dollars a gallon – about a 60 percent increase.

Attorney General Jeff Chiesa says there’s no evidence these businesses were forced to up their prices because of higher costs to them.

“The fact that we have these fringe businesses that think that disasters are a profit center is disturbing.”

Chiesa says the state has been bombarded with complaints of price gouging since Sandy hit – mostly at gas stations and hotels. They’ve even had reports of some places turning away hurricane victims in favor of those who can afford to pay higher rates. Chiesa says more charges will be filed in the coming weeks.


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