Newark's Link Community School Gets New Science Lab

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
October 25, 2012

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Robert Pelzer, President Novartis Corporation(right), Mr. Errol LaGuerre, science teacher(left), and students

Students of Newark’s Link Community School are ready to experiment, with Science and Technology.

The 7th and 8th graders conducted their first hands on experiment on density in their brand new science lab. The school was furnished with the new lab as part of a three hundred thousand dollar grant from the Novartis Foundation. Maria Paradiso head of Link Community School says she is thrilled the children will have access to a hands-on environment.

“Particularly in middle school students need exposure and certainly in the area of the sciences and math to develop and instill in them and cultivate an interest in careers in the sciences. We’re at a point in history where fewer of our kids are entering careers in science, and so if we can introduce them at an early age, and engage them at an early age, they will pursue those careers.”

To compliment the new science lab, the school will also be participating in a mentoring program with real scientists.


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