Newark Teachers To Vote On Proposed Contract

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
October 26, 2012

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Deal or No Deal?…That is the question looming over the proposed Newark teacher contract. The vote to ratify the proposed contract will take place on Monday.

Newark teachers will be deciding on what would be the state’s first performance based peer evaluation system. Teachers could be eligible for bonuses which will be paid for by private donor funds. The contract also includes retro pay. Union president Joe DelGrosso says if the contract isn’t passed it’ll be a lose lose situation for the teachers and the district.

“When we met with the governor, that was a final offer, and not accepting it doesn’t mean going back to the bargaining table, it means we would have to go through a process of fact finding which could take a year, and whatever that determination is , is non-binding on either party.”

Some teachers are worried that the peer evaluation system will create negative competition. DelGrosso says there will be an oversight committee to make sure the system is fair.


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