Newark Public Schools Rally To Increase Attendance

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
September 5, 2013

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Students at Chencellor Avenue School Attend Rally

Some students in Newark were welcomed back to school today with a rally cry from the administration to increase student attendance.

The rallies are part of the Newark Public Schools campaign, Attend Today Achieve Tomorrow, an effort to help increase student attendance. A recent study by the district found that chronic absenteeism was a serious issue throughout the district. Superintendant Cami Anderson says they felt the need to rally the community to try and address the problem.

“We know that when students are absent a lot they are more likely to drop out they’re less likely to do well on assessments and to be able to read and write and think at high levels, because they’re not in school. So we know that when we improve attendance we improve student outcomes and we improve life outcomes.”

The results of the district wide study found that 15 percent of elementary school students were absent 20 or more days last school year as were 45 percent of high school students.


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