Newark Polling Sites Prepare For Election Day

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
November 5, 2012

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Despite the still lingering power outages across Newark, polling sites will be open and ready to take your vote.

Of the 108 polling sites across the city, seven remain without power. Those locations will be moved and paired with nearby sites to ensure all residents have somewhere to cast their vote. Essex County Clerk, Chris Durken stresses the importance of voting, saying it gives everyone a voice.

“We have gone through a terrific disaster, we should vote because voting is the great equalizer in America, our vote counts the same as our presidents vote and Governor Ronmey’s vote, so that’s why we should vote, it brings us all together and makes us all Americans.”

Durken also reminded residents that they can also vote by email and fax, and displaced residents from other counties may also vote through a provisional ballot.

You can get updated information on polling locations by visiting


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