Newark Police Department's New Policy Of Transparency

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 9, 2013

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The Newark city council has unanimously passed a new measure today hoping to bring more transparency to the city’s police department.

Police officers will now have to keep track of every civilian interaction including statistics on the race, gender, and age of every person they stop, pull over, or issue a summons to. The information will be made available to the public on a monthly basis. Councilman Ronald Rice Jr. says the policy is a step in the right direction for the department, which is currently under federal investigation

“I think this is the director’s and the chief of police attempt or move, which I support, to try and initiate some of the changes that I think are going to come down as a result of the department of justice’s investigation.”

Councilman Rice says he believes this is just one of several recommendations that will be made by the justice department once the investigation is completed.


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