Newark Plagued By Rash Of Recent Homocides

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
September 5, 2013

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The city of Newark has been plagued with a streak of violence recently, 10 murders in 10 days.

The most recent homicide took the life of a 14 year old boy. The streak of killings began on August 26th when 20 year old Kiamesha Minton was gunned down following a domestic dispute. Police Director Samuel DeMaio says none of the incidents are related and adds Newark is facing the same problems as any other urban community.

“Although we’ve had this one recent spike in violence, for the summer  we were down 19 shootings that’s nineteen less people shot this summer from  last summer and 21 less shot from the summer before, that’s a pretty impressive number and you’re talking about doing it with a third less police officers than anyone’s had prior to Mayor Booker’s Administration.”

DeMaio says they have made arrests in two of the incidents and is confident that the investigations will lead to more arrests.


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