Newark City Council Endorses Senator Barbara Buono As Democratic Candidate For Governor

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
March 19, 2013

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Senator Buono and Members Of Newark City Council

State Senator Barbara Buono has picked up a big endorsement from the largest democratic stronghold in the state.

Buono got a warm Newark welcome at the senior home where she addressed residents and members of the city council. Senator Buono outlined her campaign platform vowing to fight for the poor and middle class residents of New Jersey. She slammed Governor Christie on several of his policies saying he has failed to outline a vision for New Jersey.

“This is a Governor who has refused to sign a bill that would increase the minimum wage by a dollar and a quarter an hour by linking it to the cost of living this is a governor who is out of touch, we don’t have to question his priorities do we because actions speaks louder than words.”

Governor Christie has picked up support from several democrats throughout the state, but Buono says she is not worried about that and is happy with the support she is receiving.


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