New Report Lists New Jersey's Dirtiest Power Plants

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
September 10, 2013

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A new report released today single’s out New Jersey’s dirtiest power plants.

The report, by the Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center, finds that the top five polluting plants provide only 35 percent of the state’s energy but 65 percent of its carbon emissions. It also finds that power plants remain the single largest source of carbon pollution. Dan DeRosa, a field organizer for Environment New Jersey, says the state should be leading not obstructing efforts to clean up these plants.

“While now nine northeast states make up the program known as the regional greenhouse gas initiative announced efforts to make deeper cuts in power plant carbon emission last spring, New Jersey sits on the sidelines as Governor Christie has pulled the state out of the program.”

Included on the list of the top five polluting plants are PSE&G’s Bergen Linden and Hudson facilities.


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