New Police Sub-Station Opens In Downtown Newark

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
June 19, 2013

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Mayor Booker along with Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio(Right) Cut Ribbon To Mark Opening Of New Police Resource Center

The Newark Police Department has opened a new sub-station that will double as a community resource center aimed at cleaning up the downtown area.             

The new station, located near broad and market streets in the heart of downtown Newark, will not only provide the services of a regular police precinct, but it will also make available social and community services for residents and business owners. Captain Felipe Gonzalez, Commander of the metro division, says with all the development happening in the downtown area they want to clean it up in the hopes of attracting new residents.

“You have a vagrant or a homeless person sleeping in the middle of the street, we’ll respond, make sure they’re ok, offer them any services they may need in terms of getting better getting back on their feet maybe employment some training, housing, rehab, if you find a vendor or peddler is playing his music to loud, you can come in, call us, email us, we’ll address that.”

 The station will also offer classes on crime prevention as well as a conference room for use by local business owners and residents.


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