MSU Builds To Meet Power Needs Of The Future

By Andrew Meyer, WBGO News
October 26, 2012

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Montclair State is on track to finish a new power plant that’s going to provide the University with the energy it needs for a generation to come.  School officials and state lawmakers gathered on campus for a ceremonial beam signing for the 90 million dollar project.  University President Dr. Susan Cole says the school needs to have the ablity to generate its own heat and power, because it’s essentially a small city. 

“We really have to be the source of our own energy for reasons of capacity and reasons of efficiency.”

The power plant is being financed through public-private partnership, the second project to take advantage of legislation sponsored by Senator Ray Lesniak. 

“Private investment, where dollars can be generated to support the investment to pay off the bonds, rather than public financing, through taxpayer dollars is the way that infrastructure will be built from now on.”

The new energy plant replaces one that’s beyond the end of its lifespan and undersized for a school which has experienced dramatic growth.  It’s expected to come on-line next year.


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