Lonegan Questions Booker’s Ties with Former Law Firm

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
September 18, 2013

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Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan is going after Democratic opponent Cory Booker for a lack of transparency when it comes to his own finances.

Lonegan is calling on Booker to explain payments he received from his former law firm after taking office. Lonegan claims Booker never fully cut ties with the firm and that the payouts he received while in office could be illegal.

 “There’s a lot that’s been hidden here from the public. And Mayor Booker needs to set the example of transparency that he talks about and tell the truth. Just show us the separation agreement, show us the contract. Because the amount of money he received does not really jive with the amount of work he allegedly did as a partner.”

Booker left the firm in 2006 when he became mayor, but he received over half a million dollars from the firm while in office. Booker’s campaign spokesperson Kevin Griffis told the New York Post that the money was a return on equity, not compensation for legal services.


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