Judicial Vancancies On Essex County Bench Reach Record High

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
January 28, 2013

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A record number of judicial vacancies in Essex County could mean even longer delays in the already overwhelmed system.

With yet another judge set to retire this week, the number of empty seats on the Essex County bench will hit 18. This could mean big delays for thousands of civil, criminal and family cases in the states busiest court system. Laura Cohen clinical Professor of Law at Rutgers, says the long delays and heavy case loads are not the only effects.

“Every time a case is adjourned that’s lawyer time, its clerk time, its documents that have to be created and moved, so there is an added cost to the system every time a case is postponed because there’s not a judge available to hear it.”

Lawmakers say a large package of judicial nominations to fill those empty seats could come as early as next Monday.


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