Jersey Shore Preparing For Hurricane Sandy

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Point Pleasant Beach. October 26, 2012

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Governor Christie is directing his cabinet to get ready for a coordinated response to the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy.

People who live and work near the Jersey Shore are preparing for the storm.

While some boats are still going out into the Atlantic from the Manasquan Inlet, others are heading for land.

Thomas Frantz is the duty officer at the Coast Guard Station in Point Pleasant Beach. He says authorities are keeping a close watch on the storm’s path.

 “The storm warnings are out. People know what’s going on. As it gets closer get off the water, but right now it’s just a normal boating day. The storm is too far off right now.”

Jim Matthews owns the fishing trawler ‘Jamie Mae’. He’s tying it up to the dock in Point Pleasant until the storm goes by.

 “The surge is what breaks things you know, the back and forth. As long as you got enough ropes to keep the boats from moving you should be alright. We have been in the past in other good storms. So I’m not really concerned about it right now.”

John Trout is the Superintendent of Public Works in Point Pleasant Beach. He says the storm is a concern.

 “There is some silt fence being out up along the boardwalk and it prevents the beach sand from washing onto the boardwalk. We did get off pretty easy for Irene, and my gut tells me, I suspect, we’ll get off just as easy this time, but there’s nothing wrong with being over prepared.”

Christine Haddad lives less than a block from the ocean.

 “I’m somewhat worried just because of patio furniture turning into missiles and going into back porches and things like that. So we’re taking some precautions, putting things inside the garage.”

Haddad’s neighbor, Sue Kellers, has lived there for more than 60 years. While she’s hoping the hurricane won’t cause a lot of damage, she says storms are part of the allure of living at the shore.

 “As beautiful as it is, you can hear the waves crashing and it’s just a force of nature that can’t be controlled. So living through that, hopefully, is exciting.”


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