Investigation Uncovers Illegal Source of Prescription Painkillers

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
July 10, 2013

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A new report from the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation has uncovered a surprising source of illegal prescription painkillers.

The report reveals that the rise in prescription painkiller abuse in New Jersey can be traced to corrupt entrepreneurs and physicians who make a profit from selling prescription painkillers to drug abusers.

While most people imagine drug deals taking place on street corners in urban centers, Assistant Director of the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation Lee Seglem says there’s a new kind of drug corner operating in New Jersey.

“And it involves doctors’ offices, they’re indoors, you’re not having to deal with some thug on the street, you go and you make an appointment, you sit down, you tell them what you want, get a cursory exam and walk away with a prescription for a painkilling medication that would otherwise have some legitimate use.” 

Seglem says once people acquire the pills, some even sell them back on the street illegally. If pills aren’t accessible, some addicts will turn to a cheaper and more readily available opiate—heroin.


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