Hundreds Of Newark Students Protest Gov. Christie's Proposed Budget

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 9, 2013

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Newark Sudents Protest On The Campus of Rutgers Newark

Hundreds of Newark high school students rallied on the campus of Rutgers Newark today to protest Governor Christie’s proposed budget that could amount to big cuts to the Newark Public Schools.

The students protested outside a state assembly budget committee hearing. Thais(Ty-EEs) Marques is a Science Park High School Senior, and she has a message for the Governor.

“We are the ones that are the most struggling, which means that we are the ones that need the funding, you cannot improve something by destroying it. You have to give us our funding the funding that we deserve.”

Rob Duffy is with the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, who helped to organize the protest.

“The students are frustrated by the lack of democratic control over their district, and they’re trying to figure out whatever avenue they can to protect their schools.”

Christie’s budget could mean more than $50 Million in cuts to the state controlled Newark public schools. That could result in more schools closings and teacher layoffs.

In Newark, I’m Alexandra Hill W-B-G-O News


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