Historical Tree In Newark's Military Park One Of The Last Historic Landmarks of Revolutionary War

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 3, 2013

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The Washington Tree After It Was Cut Down This Week In Military Park

One of Newark’s last historical landmarks of the Revolutionary War era, the washington tree in Military Park, was finally cut down this week after more than 300 years as a symbol of our nation’s independence.

The American sycamore tree has stood tall over Military Park since the wars that created the country as we know it were fought. George Washington and his army set up camp in Military Park during their famous retreat from Fort Lee during the Revolutionary War. Some historians even argue that it was under that very tree that Thomas Paine wrote the first words of The American Crisis in 1776. Steven Tettamanti, Executive Director of The New Jersey Historical Society, says if only the tree could talk.

“It could talk about things that about the history and people that were here before you, and what they meant to this country and to this special time in our history.”

Tettamanti says there are plans to preserve the tree, and hopes to create a memorial for the tree where it once stood.


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