Gun Buyback Set For Trenton

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. January 10, 2013

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Attorney General Jeff Chiesa and gun buyback supporters at Trenton news conference (photo by Phil Gregory)

New Jersey’s latest gun buyback program will be held in Trenton later this month.

At a similar program in Camden last month more than 11-hundred guns were collected including some assault rifles.

The number of weapons sold at gun shows in the region might far out number those collected during the buyback programs, but Attorney General Jeff Chiesa says that’s not his major concern.

 “I can’t do anything about the legal purchase and use of handguns. That’s a right that people have, and those by the way typically aren’t the people we’re talking about in a situation like this.”

Chiesa say too many people are dying as the result of gun violence, and the buyback program is just part of a strategy to focus attention on the issue.

Senator Shirley Turner says criminals are not likely to give up their weapons, but she believes the buybacks can help reduce gun violence.

 “If there are guns on the street or in the homes laying around they can possibly be stolen and be used in the commission of a crime, or during the heat of an argument if there’s a gun in the home someone may grab that gun in the heat of that argument and use it and regret it forever.”

The state will use $100,000 seized from criminals to pay for guns that are turned in at two churches in Trenton on January 25th and 26th.


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