Frustration Mounts On The Gas Lines

By Spencer Raine, WBGO News
Great Neck, NY. November 5, 2012

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Frustration is growing like gas lines throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as the region attempts to move beyond Sandy and get back on its collective feet.  It's a scene playing out neighborhood after neighborhood.  Cars park bumper-to-bumper and stretch for blocks on end waiting for the chance to gas up, but residents are running into a somewhat similar brickwall on the foot traffic lines emerging at stations.

Charles Riceman killed 90 minutes Sunday waiting for fuel to feed his generator, his cheeks as red as the 5-gallon jugs he was carrying.  Looking around while police directed traffic at the Shell Station on Middleneck Road in Great Neck, Long Island, he says he can’t stand how it’s come to this.  He says officials dropped the ball by doing the minimal amount of storm preparation, "Everyone was aware of that thing [the hurricane] coming, they had no staff, they had no equipment.  These people were not ready, they get fat salaries and they were not ready."

Riceman says ousting Nassau County leaders was the top gripe on line and says it will influence his vote on Election Day.  He stopped short of blaming or even mentioning the presidential candidates, but what he can’t seem to get over is the presence of the National Guard.  Soldiers from the battlefield are now taking post at a gas station of all places on Long Island.

And while the National Guard can now be seen staffing gas stations, he says Long Island Power Authority trucks are no where in sight. 


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