FEMA Releases New Flood Maps

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
June 17, 2013

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FEMA has released updated flood maps for four New Jersey counties most heavily impacted by Sandy.

Hudson, Ocean, Monmouth, and Atlantic counties now have new flood maps that may shift many residents out of high risk flood zones. The previous maps left thousands of residents in the hard hit counties reeling over rising flood insurance premiums and the cost of having to raise their homes by up to 14 feet. FEMA Spokesperson Bill McDonnell says the old maps were based on the best available data they had at the time.

“ We were in the process of reviewing and revising the national flood insurance rate maps even two years prior to Sandy, it’s a process that we were going through, it was not complete when Sandy made landfall so we produced what we referred to as the advisory based flood elevation maps, they were not a complete product.”

McDonnell says the revised maps should become part of flood insurance regulations by next year but says the exact time frame will vary by county.


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