Federal Government Shutdown Affecting NJ

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. October 10, 2013

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Labor and political officials at Statehouse news conference call for end of federal shutdown (photo by Phil Gregory)

The federal government shutdown is having an impact in New Jersey, and some of the people affected by it are hoping it ends soon.

East Orange resident Larry Hirsch is among the thousands of federal workers in the Garden State furloughed without pay because of the shutdown.

 “I myself am making difficult financial choices already. Certain bills that come due every month, the paycheck is not there. My family and I have to dip into savings.”

Hirsch says he want to get back to work at HUD monitoring grants for community development and groups that help the homeless. Because of the furloughs, he says some of the most vulnerable residents will not be able to get the money they need.

Charlie Wowkanech, the president of the AFL-CIO in New Jersey, says the federal shutdown is also affecting businesses in the state

“When the government went dark so did the Small Business Administration. This means that training programs, counseling programs, and small business loan applications all are on hold.”

Wowkaneck and Hirsch are urging members of Congress to work together and find a way to end the shutdown.


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