Essex County Executive Faces Hefty Fines For Alleged Personal Use Of Campaign Funds

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
October 2, 2013

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Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo could face some hefty fines for allegedly using campaign funds for personal use.

The 13 count complaint, filed by the Election Law Enforcement Commission, charges DiVincenzo violated state law by using over $16,000 in campaign funds over a two year period. The complaint also alleges DiVincenzo has yet to disclose another 614 expenditures totaling over $71,000. Jeff Brindle, Executive Director of the commission.

“Mr. DiVincenzo can ask for a hearing in front of the administrative law courts or he could wave a hearing and it would right to final decision.”

DiVincenzo’s attorney says the expenses were related to his duties as county executive and adds taxpayer dollars were not used for any of the alleged expenses.


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