Environmental Group Sues Port Authority To Stop Bayonne Bridge Project

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
August 1, 2013

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A coalition of environmental groups is suing the Port Authority asking a judge to halt their plans to raise the Bayonne Bridge.

The Coalition for Healthy Ports claims the Port Authority has not done a complete and accurate analysis of the environmental impacts of the project. The group claims the $1.3 billion project to raise the bridge will bring in more large cargo ships as well as trucks that will significantly increase diesel pollution.  Amy Goldsmith is chair of the coalition. She says they are not against the project. They just want to ensure the future health of the community.

“We believe that their growth analysis was done improperly and that actually our estimates and our experts have determined that there will probably be thousands of more trucks on the road each day.”

Goldsmith says one possible solution would be swapping the old diesel trucks for ones with newer cleaner engines and says those companies who benefit from the shipping industry should help foot the bill.


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