Energy Assistance Program Audited By The State

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
December 11, 2012

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A program intended to help homeowners keep the heat on has come under scrutiny.

The audit, conducted by the state comptroller, found that the program was approving grants to families that were later deemed ineligible but had turned away nearly 19 thousand applicants due to lack of funds.  It also found some questionable expenses including tickets to hockey games and some pricey meals out on the town. Comptroller Matt Boxer says they were unable to determine whether those were paid for with state funds.

“They are now permitted to provide to us a corrective action plan that will in writing explain how they plan to address these issues, and then in the coming months we will engage in a follow up review to make sure our recommendations have been implemented.”

NJ Shares says it does not agree with all the audits findings and can justify the expenses in question.


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