Ed Advocates Address Minority Males Struggling In School

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
Newark . March 14, 2013

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Minority males are falling behind in school at an alarming rate according to new statistics. Some Newark educators and child advocates are coming together to talk about how to bridge the achievement gap.

It’s easy to get mad at data according to Ross Danis from the Newark Trust for Education.  

“…when in fact what that data should do is get all of us motivated to help young people overcome the odds.”

Danis says some motivating factors are recent numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics. 12 percent of black male fourth-graders are proficient in reading, compared to 38 percent of their white counterparts.

“In our district in Newark, we know that if you’re not proficient in language arts or math by eighth grade, you’re not graduating high school.”

He’s hoping a forum with Newark public school students and teachers and members of the Eagle Academy Foundation which establishes single sex boy schools in inner cities can come up with ideas to close the achievement gap.

“By admitting that you need help is sometimes perceived as a sign of weakness in male culture.”

He says teaching them in a safe and nurturing environment is a good place to start.


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