Donald M. Payne Statue Unveiled

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
November 8, 2012

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Public Service officials from all over the state came together to unveil a statue dedicated to Donald M. Payne at the Essex County Court Complex.

The bronze statue of New Jersey’s first African-American Congressman stands just outside the Public Safety building. The 500 pound seven foot tall sculpture of Payne’s likeness is a monument to his lifelong dedication to public service. Senator Bob Menendez recalled his time working with Payne.

“Sometimes in the mists of our daily dealings with an individual while they’re alive we do not truly appreciate the essence of what they bring to bear, Donald Payne will continue to be remembered for generations that are alive because of the resources he brought to it.”

Menendez went on to praise the legacy of Donald Payne Sr., calling him a champion for people at home and around the world.


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