Day-Trippers Expected To Be Majority Of Shore Visitors

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Jersey Shore. January 30, 2013

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Businesses at Seaside Heights boardwalk damaged by Sandy (photo by Phil Gregory)

Day-trippers might end up being the majority of the visitors at the Jersey Shore this summer.

Despite all the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, state Senator Chris Connors from Long Beach Island is optimistic about the tourism season at the shore.

Connors says fewer people may be making extended visits because many rental units damaged by the storm might not be repaired by summer.

 “Certainly those people that are in the business of providing hotel motel accommodations and rental units might see an effect on their bottom line, but I believe most of the businesses will do pretty well.”

If the weather cooperates, Connors expects most of the businesses at the shore will be up and running by Memorial Day.

He expects Sandy will impact boating at the shore this summer.

 “There’s some debris that we don’t see that may be laying on the bottom of the bay. So that’s going to probably take a season to make sure that that’s cleaned up and we adjust for that, but most of the commercial fishing boats that will be leaving the ports of Barnegat Light and Beach Haven certainly will be sailing and there’s no obstruction or difficulties there.”

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno is hopeful progress will be made to rebuild at the shore.

“We’re going to be as open as humanly possible as quickly as possible all up and down the shore area. So we’re hopeful that the businesses that are open now are as busy as ever.”


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