Congressman Donald Payne Jr. Addresses Approaching Sequester Deadline

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
February 22, 2013

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Congressman Donald Payne Jr.

As the latest financial crisis looms in Washington, Congressman Donald Payne Jr. says it’s not the democrats that are cause for concern.

This newest set of federal budget cuts, known as “The Sequester”, is fast approaching and could have some devastating effects on the economy. Congressman Donald Payne Jr., says the democrats are ready to follow President Obama’s lead and says if a deal is not reached it will be at the hands of the republicans.

“It’s almost like a child’s game playing chicken, and see how far they can push the President and the democratic caucus and then come to their senses because they know they can’t  afford to let it happen, so we’ll see I think they’ll come to their senses again cause that could potentially ruin the nation.”

If congress does not come to a deal by next week, over 40,000 jobs could be lost in New Jersey alone.


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