City Of Newark Remembers 9/11

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
September 11, 2013

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9/11 Memorial Service At City Hall In Newark

Newark paid tribute today to the victims of 9/11 as well as the first responders with a memorial service.

The ceremony was held in remembrance of the five Newark residents who were killed during the attacks, and the countless firefighters, police and EMT’s from the city who were among the first responders. Fire Chief John G. Centanni was one of them. He recalls the moment he arrived on the scene after the collapse of the towers.

“I almost describe it like a kid watching the old Godzilla movies, of the fire trucks turned over and ambulances and police cars buried and smashed and there was an eerie silence when we got there that night there was much of nothing happening we were trying to go through rubble, and it almost seemed as though everybody was walking around in a trance.”

Centanni says if there was ever another 9/11 there’s no question that he and his fellow first responders would be ready and willing to rescue those in need.


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