Christie Won't End Fight To End Sick Payouts

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
July 16, 2013

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Chris Christie
Governor Chris Christie (photo by Phil Gregory)

Governor Chris Christie says he won’t compromise on his proposal to eliminate cash payouts to public employees in New Jersey for their unused sick time.

 “We pay for you to stay home when you’re sick, and I understand that. I don’t want people coming to work who are sick, but that doesn’t mean that at the end of your career you should get some six figure payout because you’ve been fortunate enough not to miss work when you were sick. You already got paid for showing up at work.”

Christie says some towns have had to borrow money to cover six-figure payouts.

He says nearly a billion dollars in those payouts are pending now.

“A billion of our tax money to go to people who by the way have good salaries already, have guaranteed pensions and health care for life that we pay for. On top of that we got to pay them for not having been sick. Crazy.”

The governor intends to renew his call for the legislature to act.

“Now I get it, and the people of this state get it, and it’s a group of legislators in Trenton who have their hands out all the time for campaign contributions from these public sector unions and for their endorsements who are completely beholden to them.”


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